5 Thing To Know About Flatbed Logistic Services

Flatbed Logistic Services

The essence of flatbed logistic services is embedded in the safe shipping of cargo that does not require an enclosed trailer or fit into a standardized truck’s dimensions. Trailers are often chained together to ship freight that may seem too large, including mobile homes and tow trucks. 

What Is Flatbed In Trucking?

Flatbeds are the type of trucks that have a vast-uncovered space at their back and tend to carry cargo in the open air. Subsequently, they are built with the most durable aluminum shell in the market and wooden floors underneath. So, if you ever wondered how large equipment is shipped, the answer is quite simple: Flatbed logistics.

1. You Can Carry Whatever You Want

If you opt for flatbed shipping to carry your cargo, you will be offered a better variety of routes. Since the shipment is not confined to the size of a trailer, flatbed truckers see a more extensive range of loads and the choice of diverse courses that the durability of the cargo allows.

2. You Can Load Your Goods From Any Angle 

Moreover, compared to ordinary tucks that can just be loaded from the rear, flatbed shipping will enable goods to be loaded from all angles, including the top. Lastly, you never need to worry about the size of your cargo when it comes to flatbed shipping. The design of flatbed trucks makes it possible for colossal shipments to be shipped. 

3. You Can Cut Costs by Shipping Via Your Flatbed

It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the type, size, and durability of the cargo you want to ship. Consequently, you will make safer and more cost-cutting choices when the time comes to book your shipment. Extended trailers are sometimes harder to come by, and your flatbed service provider might need to be informed in advance to make the necessary arrangements.  

4. You Should Analyze Your Good Before Loading it

A good understanding of your cargo is essential, especially if it is extremely large or uniquely shaped, since loading, securing, and unloading are more likely to become physically taxing. Hence choose your products wisely. 

5. You Should Choose Your Service Provider Wisley

It is a good idea to work with well-known professionals in the Flatbed logistics industry to ensure safe and efficient shipping, which will take most of the burden off of your shoulders. For this, you may contact Gillson Trucking for availing our services.


Q: What are the standard dimensions of a flatbed trailer?

Typically, a flatbed truck is approximately 102 feet wide and 53 feet long, with different ranges of deck length for double drops, step decks, and removable goosenecks. 

Q: How is cargo loaded and unloaded onto flatbeds? 

This process depends upon the specifications of the shipping location along with the type of cargo that is being handled. If your products require a crane for loading, take the necessary steps to ensure that the right kind of equipment is available when your trailer arrives for a smooth operation. 

Q: Do I require additional accessories while shipping through a flatbed? 

The use of corner protectors or chains should be communicated when booking the shipment. This will allow your service provider to assign the right kind of trailer for your shipment.


We see that flatbed logistic services are one of the most efficient shipping of large and heavy cargo. However, it is essential to familiarize yourself with your goods’ key features and the best working professionals in the industry to allow for the ideal shipment. For more details, you may visit our website Gillson Trucking.

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