Tips For Truck Drivers To Prepare Their Trucks For Summers

As winter is over, you may think driving is now easier. Well, no. Warm weather brings challenges, and you should not slack off. You should make sure that your truck is ready to hit the road in the summer. Although driving in winter can be more difficult, it does not mean there are fewer hazards in summer. It is easy to become less careful.

While keeping your safety in mind, inspect your truck and think about what you ignored during winter, i.e., the effects of heat. 

The following tips will make your truck summer-ready:

1. Tires

Your tires lose or gain 1 PSI (pound per square inch) for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit temperature change. Summer heat can impact the tires as when the temperature increases, the air pressure in the tires increases. This increase in air pressure can cause your tires to interfere with braking, wear prematurely, or even pop unexpectedly. 

To avoid the consequences, check the air pressure of your tires. Apart from checking the tire pressure, it is also essential to check the tire’s tread depth to make sure that you have adequate traction and a lower risk of flats. If your tire’s tread depth is below recommended limit, then it is best to replace it before a long drive. 

2. Inspect Your Cooling System

The engine cooling system plays an important function by keeping the engine temperature within range and preventing it from overheating. During summers, it has to work harder due to high temperatures. Therefore, take time to inspect the cooling system. 

3. Check The Fluid Levels

To make your truck summer-ready, it is important for you to check its fluids. Start off with oil. Firstly, find the type of oil that works best for your engine. Make sure that you use a slightly thicker grade of engine oil for the best protection. Apart from the engine oil, you should check other fluids such as windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and transmission fluid. Change them if necessary and ensure that they are at the right levels. 

4. Get The Brakes Checked

Extreme temperatures place additional stress on brakes. After the cold months of winter, you should get your brakes checked by an expert. If some components are scratched, worn, or leaked, then get them replaced.

When replacing the components, always refer to the owner’s manual for recommendations by the manufacturer. Although inferior replacement parts are cheaper and may save you a couple of bucks, they can put your safety at risk later.

5. Keep the Air Conditioner running cool

Malfunctioning A/C during summer can be very frustrating. So, check for any damaged A/C parts and leaks and replace them to enjoy a comfortable driving experience during the summer.


Before summer hits your truck like a volcano, make sure that you follow these tips so that your truck is ready for the summer. For queries, visit Gillson Trucking.

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