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Why Refrigerated Trucks Are Necessary For Food Delivery Services

As online food orders and home-delivery services are gaining popularity, the need for refrigerated trucks and vehicles has grown throughout the world. Whether you need to ship food produce, floral arrangements, or pharmaceutical goods, it is essential to maintain a cold chain from the production to the delivery phase. If for some reason, the temperature is not maintained at every stage, perishable goods will spoil and cause numerous problems for the customers. This can be particularly worrying for a smaller company. Every business owner would like to make sure that his products arrive fresh and safe to his customers. 

Uses of refrigerated trucks:

We all know that refrigerated trucks are used for the transportation of food and beverages, but they have applications in other industries as well. The list of perishable goods that use refrigerated trucks include:

  • Frozen foods
  • Dairy products and meat items
  • Medications
  • Vaccines
  • Baked goods
  • Chemicals and other materials
  • Tobacco products
  • Floral industry
  • Perfumes and cosmetics
  • Antics and fine art items
  • Zoo animals

Reefer trucks ideal for delivering refrigerated goods:

Depending on the size of a shipment, you can choose different types of reefer trucks for delivering perishables. It is important to comply with federal regulations whenever food and perishable goods are involved. Reefer trucks are mainly used on a commercial level for supplying large food orders.  Sometimes refrigerated vans, trucks, and trailers are also custom-built for this purpose.

What technology is used in reefer trucks:

Reefer trucks are ideal for transporting large quantities of perishable goods as they have a strong cooling system that maintains the cold chain within the trailer. They also offer a range of temperatures which you can choose from.

These trucks were invented in the 1930s after numerous experiments on trains and other modes of transportation. Later on, trucks were deemed ideal for refrigeration as they were insulated to keep out heat. There are fans within the refrigerator cabins so that the cold air is uniformly distributed throughout the trailer. Reefer trucks use the truck’s motor for powering the portable cooling unit.

Refrigeration has since improved a great deal. Reefer trucks with a range of options are available nowadays. They are diesel-powered and can be adjusted to precise temperatures. For smaller shipping needs, smaller vans are custom built and are available.

Benefits of a refrigerated moving truck:

  • Internal technology that allows drivers to monitor temperatures on the go. If built-in devices are not present additional devices can be used for monitoring temperature and keeping a record.
  • The cold chain is maintained in such a way that contamination is minimized and prevents spoilage of food.
  • Cost-efficient: Refrigerated trucks allow businesses to ship more products at once which saves them money. Packaging costs are also decreased.
  • Good for shorter routes: Local deliveries on smaller routes can be made in shorter periods as compared to mailing them. This results in better customer care with fast and efficient deliveries.
  •  Ideal for bulk shipments: Refrigerated trucks like reefer trucks have large capacities which make for cheaper deliveries as compared to mailing bulky items. Customers receive bulk shipments faster and at one time with refrigerated trucks.
  •  Longer shelf life: Food items perish if low temperatures are not maintained properly. Refrigerated trucks maintain low temperatures so that their shelf life is increased. Thus, food items can reach shelves across the country.
  • Preserving nutrients in the food: refrigerated trucks not only maintain a cold chain but also help preserve the nutrition within the food items.

The task of transporting perishable goods may seem trivial to some of us. However, when you observe the process closely you learn that the success of food and beverage, the pharmaceutical industry, and many others depends on it. For these industries to thrive, they must partner with the best Refrigerated trucking companies.

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