5 Best Apps For Truck Drivers

best apps for truck drivers

Smartphones literally make our life easy. Whatever you need, with a few clicks on your phone, you’ll get it. And nowadays, there is an app for just about anything, including apps for truck drivers.

Technology In Trucking:

Technology is revolutionizing the way we transport materials. Not only has it improved efficiency and safety but also increased productivity. Different apps can help you find an appropriate route, rest stop, fueling station, and maintenance workshop.

5 Best Apps For Truck Drivers:

We’ve narrowed down a list of 5 favorite apps that will help you drive throughout the U.S. You can check them out on Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Trucker Path:

This app is a user-focused application that includes more than 7,000 truck stops in the United States. In the app, you’ll find reviews, data regarding parking availability and weighing station status. Users of Truckers Path provide all this data.

Truckers Path has an up to date map where you can search restaurants, hotels and markets in any location. The app features a truck driver’s forum where the driver community can ask for suggestions. The app also provides an advanced address search and saves your navigation history.

You can also benefit from the Trip planner option available on the app to plan your journeys.  


This is again a fantastic app that takes care of minor tasks that aid in your driving experience. You can reserve a parking space in any given location, 30 days in advance with the Reserve It feature of the app. You can avail the Instant Shower feature and skip queues altogether and get instant access to showers. Some additional features include current diesel, bulk DEF and LNG fuel prices.


This is the best fuel app that provides drivers with current gas prices at stations throughout the country. You can search through the app to find the cleanest restrooms, user-friendly services and the best food and drinks in a place.

It covers around 150,000 gas stations in North America. You can find the lowest fuel prices using the app and avail fuel rewards. Get reviews on gas stations and convenience stores. The free app also tracks fuel consumption and updates you when you’re wasting fuel.

Transflo Mobile:

This is an excellent app for drivers on the road. You can chat with your dispatch, carrier and broker teams. It also helps you decline or accept freight loads. The app enables you to find your location and updates you on the weather conditions.

It alerts you with the best fuel stops and rest areas along your route. The app is excellent for recording your hours of service and has a mobile scanner option so you can scan and send documents to your bosses on the go.


BigRoad is an app that acts as your electronic logbook. Owner-operators can set up their profiles and manage their drivers and fleets from their smartphones. The app is pretty helpful to drivers as it helps them track hours of service. The app also sends you notifications regarding any errors and violations on the road so you can avoid fines.

Drivers can use the app to create inspection-ready logs. It also offers to set rules and exemptions that you can use later on. The app maintains error-free records that save the carriers money.

This app is also a favorite of law enforcement agencies because it makes their jobs more accessible as well.

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