A Complete Guide to DOT Hours of Service Rules

A Complete Guide to DOT Hours of Service Rules

DOT hours of service in America have immense importance. Hours of service refer to the time that a car driver is allowed to have on the road while he is on duty. The company should be well aware of the following rules.

What Are DOT Hours of Service?

DOT hours of service are the rules that include duty breaks, time on-road and sleep schedules, etc., for the drivers to avoid accidents on the road. These services are important as they help the drivers and the surroundings by providing a less stressful environment. Following are some rules to keep in mind for the hours of service:

1. 70 Hours Rule

A driver can only have a limited time to be on duty per week. This time is defined as 60 hours per 7 days or 70 hours for eight days. Drivers are not permitted to drive for any longer than that. This helps to avoid accidents as every human has a specific capacity to work, and working beyond that usually creates issues.

2. 11 Hours Driving Limit

A trucker can be on duty for no longer than 14 hours per day. In these 14 hours, he is allowed to be on the road for only 11 hours. After every shift, there should be a proper break of 10 hours before the driver comes back to the routine for another shift. 

3. Records Of Duty Status 

A proper documentation system is required for the drivers and their shipments. These documents further include proper log maintenance of miles covered, time zones, number of co-drivers, and hours spent on the road. These logs help to maintain an appropriate register of things. 

4. HOS Violation 

Hours of service violations are very dangerous. If you violate even a single rule, it can cause an issue for you and your company and might cost the people around you. These violations include working for more than 14 hours a day. Moreover, maintaining false logs. Apart from this, another violation is that of providing fraudulent certificates. You should avoid these to stay safe.

5. Rest Breaks

Rest is very important when it comes to working. Proper rest is required before you start a shift. A truck driver must have a rest break of 30 minutes after driving for 8 hours. This is mandatory; however, you can also take a break before that if you feel like taking one. 


Q. How many hours can a local truck driver work?

A driver can be on duty for no more than 14 hours. However, he can only drive for 11 hours during this shift. 

Q. Can you go off duty while loading?

When you have disconnected from the trailer and are allowed to move, leave the customer’s property.  


Before you hire a driver and establish a firm, there are several things to keep in mind. DOT hours of service have a lot of importance and demand attention, not only for your safety but for others around you. Strictly follow all the rules and regulations to avoid any inconveniences. For more information, you may visit Gillson Trucking

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