A Guide To Common Semi Truck Brake Issues And Their Solutions

Semi Truck Brake Issues

Semi truck drivers carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders; they have to get the goods delivered at the right time and keep their vehicles in good condition. Even if you perform a mechanical check before each trip, there still can be issues in the truck. In this article, we’ve discussed some common Semi Truck brake issues and their solutions.

Brake Issues And Their Solutions:

A truck’s brakes need to be well-functioning; otherwise, the vehicle is both a safety hazard for the driver and cargo.

Misaligned Brake Shoes:

Brake shoes come in pairs and wear out evenly. The imbalance causes even more stress on the weaker shoe if one becomes thinner. The brake shoe lining will rub against the drum wall, creating harmful friction.

This problem can generally be identified when the brake pedal produces abnormal scraping or squeaking. You can also notice that the truck brakes are less responsive than before. In both situations, see a mechanic, and he will replace your brake shoes.

Damage To The Airline:

Sometimes the semi trucks airline becomes damaged. Unlike cars, semi trucks use air through a pneumatic system to power the brakes. When the airline gets damaged, cracked, or punctured, the air pressure within the airline is no longer maintained, which leads to brake failure is one of the major Semi Truck brake issues. You can’t stop your vehicle as effectively. In this case, immediately see a mechanic who will fix your damaged airline.

Compressor Issues:

Every semi truck has an air compressor that is an air-filled reservoir. Whenever the brakes are needed, the compressor supplies air to the airlines. This system is crucial for maintaining appropriate levels of pressure. If you’re not getting proper air to the brakes and your airline is functioning correctly, then you might have a damaged air compressor.

Brake Lock:

Sometimes a brake shoe gets stuck. You will also need to take your vehicle to a professional in this case. You can identify if your truck halts appropriately but doesn’t pick up speed that efficiently. This problem arises when the brake shoe is struggling to release itself.  

Cracked Brake Drums:

Excessive heating and cooling of the brake drum cause cracks in them. When you inspect your brake drum, you see cracks in the entire wall. We recommend you not to drive your vehicle in such a case. Replace the brake drum and check your brake system balance.

If you experience this problem repeatedly, it could be several different problems. Either the lining, drums, or brake system could malfunction, and if they’re all working fine, it could be due to your driving style.

A semi truck’s brake system should always be working in perfect condition as the 18-wheeler carries massive loads, and any problem can cause delays.
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