All You Need To Know About Blind Shipping

Blind Shipping

Blind Shipping is a common practice used by shipping companies. It is used to increase your profit margins and boost your distribution capacity. Here is everything you need to know about it.

What Is Blind Shipping:

This is a supply chain strategy becoming popular in the e-commerce sector. This mode of Shipping allows businesses to ship products directly to their customers without revealing the manufacturer’s identity. The customer doesn’t know the location of the supplier either.

Double-Blind Shipping:

In this form of shipping, neither the customer nor the supplier knows the shipper’s identity. The supplier ships products to a warehouse from where it is shipped to the customer.

Blind Shipping In E-Commerce:

These shipping methods are prevalent in the eCommerce industry. The whole idea behind it is to protect the customers’ identity and maintain a competitive edge for the brands.

Advantages Of Blind Shipping:

For this Shipping, companies need to plan and execute all processes properly to ensure everything goes smoothly. Most importantly, all these processes ensure that shipments reach their destination on time with minimal risk of loss and without revealing the supplier’s identity. There are many advantages associated with this shipping.

Maintain A Competitive Edge:

Avoiding a direct interaction between a client and manufacturer is the primary goal of blind shipping. This way, you can also prevent other brands from poaching your customers by keeping their identities and locations confidential.

You can also save your business assets while adopting an ethical approach to product delivery. Your customers won’t have to worry about identity theft with blind shipping.

Client Retention And Quality Control:

The anonymity associated with this shipping prevents your customers from purchasing products from your suppliers at reduced rates. This is the very definition of supply and demand. Mainly, customers demand that their product be supplied by your business only.

Brand Consistency:

A well-planned and robust shipping strategy will help you maintain consistency throughout your operation. From manufacturing to the supply chain operations, you can assure quality in your service and products to get favorable results for your company. Customers will identify your products through your logo, address, and contact information.  


Q1-How to set up a blind shipping operation?

To set up efficient Shipping, you need a strong relationship with your freight forwarder. The forwarder will remove all original bills of lading with all your information. Your report will only appear on the shipping label when your product reaches the customer.

Q2-How does double-blind Shipping take place?

In this shipping form, a carrier will provide a dummy address to your customer instead of your original information. Also, the customer’s information will be blinded by the manufacturer. Only the freight forwarder knows the complete information regarding the supplier and end-customer.


Blind Shipping is an effective way for suppliers to mask their identity while also keeping their business operations working. It is also a great way to enhance your brand consistency.

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