All You Need To Know About Flatbed Trucking

flatbed trucking

Flatbed trucks play an essential role in the trucking industry. Drivers of flatbed trucks are responsible for moving different heavy items from one point to another. These items include cars, machinery, airplane wings, plumbing supplies, and more. For someone interested in buying a flatbed truck or hiring the services of a truck, you need to know several things about flatbeds.

Flatbed Trucking:

Suitable flatbed shipping carriers have a valid Federal Carrier Auditory. This means that all drivers for the company have current and accurate licensing. Regardless of the company you’re hiring, you need to ensure that they have insurance protection. You can also request a written certificate of insurance as proof. On the other hand, you can directly get information from the insurance provider.

Safety Statistics:

When hiring a flatbed company, you can contact the Federal Department of Transportation to check their safety statistics. You have to be extra careful when you’re shipping high-dollar items across the country. The safety check will reveal the number of accidents the company vehicles have in a specific timeframe.

Driver Training:

When choosing a flatbed trucking company, you should inquire about their driver’s training. You can ask them questions about their level of skills and their experience.

In addition to hiring entry-level drivers, companies should have mandatory training periods for their drivers. In this way, the drivers will use the same techniques and follow similar rules.

Flatbed Load Securement:

The flatbed truckers should be experts in load securement. If a load is not secured correctly, it can shift and damage during the commute. Also, I can fall off the truck and destroy the object entirely. This puts drivers at not only risk but also others on the road.

Driver training should include tarp training for flatbeds. Tarps are heavy and difficult to handle, but drivers face even more difficulties in rainy or stormy weather conditions without proper training. If a tarp is not secured correctly, wind can blow away the entire thing and spill the load onto the road.

Flatbed drivers are also trained for proper loading and unloading on their flatbed trucks.

Loading/Unloading Times:

Typically all kinds of freight have the same loading and unloading time which is two hours. For flatbeds, it is the same.

You should inquire about what kind of loads you want to haul. Partial loads cost less than full loads, but it will take more time for your load to reach its destination.


Q1- Do flatbed loads pay more?

Compared to other trucking companies, flatbed trucking companies pay much more to their drivers. This may be due to several reasons as flatbeds carry heavy-duty equipment, which is not only challenging to load and unload but requires a specific driving skill set. 

Q2- What are some advantages of flatbed trucking?

Flatbed trailers provide increased storage space. This means that you can fit a lot more on the trailer and transport it to its destination in less time. You can save money by carrying out limited trips. You can enjoy efficient delivery times which is a goal for most shippers and owner-operators.


When looking at flatbed trucking services, you should conduct complete and thorough research. When you do your survey, you will know that not all companies offer the same rates.

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