6 Benefits of Working with A Family Owned Trucking Company

6 Benefits of Working with A Family Owned Trucking Company

The trucking industry is full of opportunities, so deciding where to work can be confusing. While there are pros and cons for every option, working at family-owned trucking companies is arguably the best! Here you can find a few benefits of working with part of a family-owned trucking business:

Why Should You Work With a Family Owned Trucking Company?

Like retail, franchising, or any other industry, working for a family-owned trucking company can be a different experience than working for a corporation. Here are a few perks of working with one:

1. Develop Skills Apart From Your Typical Job Description

Family-owned companies are ideal for learning new skills that will help you later in your career. These skills could range from hauling various types of freight to understanding the financial side of the business. If you want to become an Owner-Operator or even own a fleet one day, this type of experience is invaluable.  

2. Get Treated as a Family Member Rather Than an Employee

Family-owned companies tend to learn about you, your family, and your life outside of work. This helps drivers greatly when it comes to having a work-life balance and taking some time off.

3. Enjoy Flexibility in Work Schedules

In case of sudden changes in your working schedule or you need to take time off to meet family commitments, you may be out of luck with a large trucking company. However, they may know the importance and value of work-life balance with a family-owned company.

4. Contribute to The Local Economy

Even though you are a part of a small family-owned trucking business, you know that the hours you put into your work directly improve your community and local economy.

5. Know Who You Are Working For

Working for a multinational company usually means working for a nameless, faceless entity. You typically have a strong working relationship with the company owner and management with a small family-owned company. You know the company’s history, its long-term objectives, and how you are benefiting both yourself and other drivers.

6. Have Competitive Compensation Packages

Generally, family-owned trucking companies have much more competitive compensation packages than other state-owned companies. While such companies tend to rely mostly on company drivers, small companies can split their loads between company drivers and owner-operators.


Q. What are the significant costs incurred while setting up a family-owned trucking business?

Typically, expenses for a trucking business start-up can fall between $6,000 to $100,000, depending on the type of truck and clientele.


Conclusively, family-owned trucking businesses for a great working environment help you expand your skillset. Deciding if a family-owned company is right for you or not depends on what you are looking for. If you are content with being part of a larger workforce with set rules and regulations, going towards a corporate route might be for you. Family-owned companies are a better option if you’re looking for a driving job with a smaller team that will result in new skills and experiences.  For more information, visit Gillson Trucking.

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