ELD Trucking: Common Myths Busted

eld trucking

Rumors generally do arise once a new technology is introduced and they do become the talk of the town. When the ELD mandate was circulated in the year 2017, plenty of rumors began floating around frightening businesses. The rumors gave rise to objections in following the ELD compulsion. But with the use of ELDs, many myths associated with ELDs were debunked and the facts became well-known in the industry.

This article provides some of the myths and facts about ELD Trucking.

Myths and Facts about ELD Trucking

Myth 1: ELDs are expensive and not budget-friendly.

When they were first introduced, an electronic logging device cost about $2500 per device but now it has become so common that it costs only $75 a piece. 

Myth 2: If you have a smartphone or a tablet, an ELD is not necessary.

The fact is that an ELD needs to be synchronized with your engine to comply. A tablet and smartphone can’t do this. They also can’t track miles on their own, unlike an ELD device. An ELD additionally complies with all the guidelines provided by the FMCSA.

Myth 3: ELDS will take away business from owners and operators. 

This was a myth that became popular when FMCSA mandated the use of ELDs in 2017. 

ELDs have been immensely popular across Europe over the last decade. Truck drivers that are using ELDs now say that it is a convenience rather than a hassle. They continue using the devices without any mandate. According to a random survey, drivers got more road time while they were using ELDs. 

Myth 4: Any violation in hours of service will be directly reported to law enforcement through the ELD device.

The fact is that ELDs can’t automatically send reports to law enforcement agencies. It is just an electronic device that maintains logs instead of paper. Hence, it’s more accurate and precise. 

Myth 5: ELD is a device that maintains a constant watch over the driver.

Only an authorized employee can access your location at the workplace. Any questionable activity like using the vehicle for your interest can be viewed with clarity of about 8-miles. The device isn’t an invasion of your privacy but makes your logging system accurate and convenient. 

Myth 6: An ELD-installed vehicle doesn’t need any more documents for compliance.

This is simply not true. A driver needs to have a document that instructs how to use an ELD, a sheet of data transfer methods the ELD supports, and a document with instructions on how to transfer records to law enforcement and inspectors. 

Additionally, the driver should also keep a sheet of instruction that states all ELD malfunctioning reporting requirements. The driver also needs to have an 8-day supply of blank hours of service graph grid-logs, this will be helpful in case of an ELD malfunction.

Myth 7: Your ELD is capable of shutting down your truck if you exceed hours of service.

The ELD device has no control over the engine other than tracking wheel motion and engine activity. It can’t control the engine and hence is unable to stop your vehicle. It can only instruct you to stop with a verbal alert. 

Myth 8: Using an ELD device means lower profit margins.

Installation of an ELD is an investment that yields benefits year after year. It doesn’t lower profit margins but instead enhances your fuel economy. It recognized idling, speeding, and hard braking patterns to improve fuel efficiency. 

By tracking hours of service, it provides data to the driver to complete attainable tasks during spare time instead of wasting that time. 

Myth 9: ELD isn’t suitable for small fleets. It is only suitable for large fleet carriers.

This is again a misconception. However small or large a fleet you have, the ELD trucking mandate doesn’t disadvantage you. If you file record duty status then you need to adopt ELDs.

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