Everything Truck Drivers should know about OSHA’s Vaccine Mandate

Everything Truck Drivers should know about OSHA’s Vaccine Mandate

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) ordered the firms to get their employees vaccinated. For this, a few of the employers faced exemption. We will discuss these employees in this blog. However, this OSHA’s vaccine mandate had an incredible outcome as it helped prevent the spread of the virus and kept the environment safe.

Why Have Truck Drivers Been Exempted From OSHA’s Vaccine Mandate?

There are several reasons behind this. However, it is not only the truck drivers that have been exempted from this but all the workers that work off station. This means all the employees who have the slightest interaction with their coworkers can avail this exemption opportunity.

1. Less Contact With Other Individuals

The exemption for truck drivers is that they have most minor contact with other individuals. This is because they travel alone, and the only time they have to interact is when the journey starts or ends because, in between, the individuals stay in the truck and have no company. Hence, they are prevented from prolonged human interactions.

2. No Quarantine For 14 Days

The government made specific rules regarding 14 days of quarantine at the beginning for individuals. These rules were for those who travel from one place to another, especially crossing the border. However, the government decided to lift this barrier from truck drivers as OSHA’s vaccine mandate was unnecessary.

3. Truck Drivers Are A Business Themselves

What does a truck driver do? He stays in his truck and lives there throughout the journey. He does not need any coworkers and faces the most little human interaction. Hence it helps them stay away from other humans, and in case of pandemics, what is better than this?

4. Do Not Report to a Workplace

Truck drivers do not report to a workplace as their workplace is their truck where they are alone. Due to no proper workplace, they are exempted from OSHA’s vaccine mandate. 

5. ETS Does Not Apply To Truck Drivers

OSHA adopted a Healthcare Emergency Temporary Standard (Healthcare ETS) protecting workers from COVID-19. It introduced mandatory vaccine systems; however, truck drivers were exempted again. The exemption is that they do not have to indulge in human interaction; hence it’s safe.


Q. What is the Vaccine Mandate?

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) issued an emergency order during COVID-19 for companies that have more than 100 workers. This order stated that all the workplace workers need to get themselves vaccinated. Apart from them, those who can not get a vaccine due to health factors or who do not work on the station should get themselves tested after short gaps. To avoid the spreading of the virus.


OSHA’s Vaccine mandate played a vital role in saving so many lives. This rule did not apply to truckers as they have their business world in their trucks and have most minor interactions with another world. This feature of their routine saved them from the vaccine mandate. However, if a truck driver still wants to get vaccinated, he may. You may visit us at Gillson Trucking for more details.

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