Everything You Need To Know About Partial Truckload Shipping

A partial truckload is a freight mode for usually large shipments that, in some cases, may not require the use of a full truckload trailer.

Partial truckload falls somewhere between LTL (less than truckload) and full truckload, involving shipments over 5,000 pounds or more pallets. Such shipments involve less handling, do not require a specific freight class to secure a rate and result in faster transit times.

Do You Know?

Some carriers refer to partial truckload shipments as “volume LTL” as it operates similar to LTL shipments. However, it is based on a smaller volume than the average LTL shipment.

Benefits of partial truckload shipping

Partial Truckload shipping is a cost-effective option with the following benefits:

  • One truck

Partial truckload shipping allows freight to stay on one truck during the transit period. It involves faster transit times and less handling as one truck is involved, so freight is loaded and unloaded only once.

  • No freight class is required

There is no need for a freight class for partial truckload shipping. This can help you reduce extra charges associated with freight re-classification if, in any case, you happen to get it wrong.

  • Less freight handling

Less freight handling reduces the chances of potential damages. A partial truckload is an ideal mode for shipments susceptible to damage during loading and unloading.

When to choose a partial truckload

There are many different scenarios where partial truckload shipments provide the ideal solution for your shipping challenges. 

Low-density freight

 If your freight is light but at the same time takes up a lot of space, a partial truckload must be preferred over LTL.

Fragile freight

 A partial truckload is a good option if you are worried about freight damage. Less handling reduces the chances of cargo being damaged during transit.

 Lower costs

With a partial truckload, one only pays for the space and weight capacity in use. This makes it cost-effective.


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