Find A Trucking Broker: Questions To Ask

trucking broker

Trucking broker offers various services to both shippers and carriers; these brokers streamline all these processes from innovative technologies and improved resources to manage routing and schedules. Although trucking brokers play a vital role in connecting supply with demand in the transportation industry, finding the right broker for your business is critical. If you make a wrong decision, you lose valuable time, money, and credibility with your customers.

What to Ask a Trucking Broker?

Here are six questions you should ask your trucking broker before hiring them.

  • How Long Have They Been In Business?

This question is more important than many of you think. The more experience it implies, a solid customer base, and a reliable carrier network as a broker. Not only this, but they can adapt and handle new technologies. You need to know what you want from a brokerage firm. A company that’s been in business under a year will operate differently than a brokerage with a decade worth of experience.  

  • How Do They Manage Their Core Carrier Base?

Beware of 3PLs that are shy about talking about their core carrier base. This includes how they hire carriers and manage shippers. A trucking broker should operate with consistency. They shouldn’t post your load and choose a shipper that responds to the inbound call. This is no way to do business, and there’s a good chance that your shipment will fall through the cracks.

A trucking broker should have an efficient network of carriers capable of handling your shipping requirements.

  • How Do They Retain A Good Carrier Once You’ve Found Them?

Suitable carriers are the life of the trucking industry. They are reliable and offer complete visibility while making on-time pick-ups and drop-offs. Reputable carriers don’t abandon loads at the last minute, putting a shipment in jeopardy. 

A good trucking broker can’t function without a reliable carrier. The best way to retain a suitable carrier is to offer the best freight, pay their bills on time, pay detention and be available 24/7. Maintain an honest relationship with them, and together you’ll be able to get out of many difficult situations. 

  • What Is The Average Tenure Of Their Team Members?

This question will help you know the level of expertise the staff at the company offers. Because let’s face it, a team of professionals is much better than a group of fresh graduates. Look for an average tenure of 5-8 years. Lasting relationships among the company mean that the brokers are familiar with the carriers’ problems and the customers. This will help them find better solutions and cover all aspects.

  • What Is Their Customer Retention Rate?

You don’t want to be looking for a new logistics partner a year from now. But if you choose a brokerage whose customer churn is 12 months, this might be your future. There is no better indicator of reliability and innovation than good customer service that keeps the clients happy. This also forges long-term relationships.

A good brokerage will tell you about their long-term clients. Look for a company that doesn’t lose customers quickly. This company is the one you should be choosing.

  • Ask Them About Their DAT Rating?

We have access to information like never before. Who doesn’t look at customer reviews of companies online? That’s why we suggest doing thorough research of the reviews before partnering with a brokerage firm. If a company doesn’t point you to check their reviews, there might be something fishy there. DAT and Google reviews are an excellent way to know the standing of a company.


An ideal trucking broker keeps good terms with their carriers and satisfies customer demands. They are reliable and provide on-time services.

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