Heavy Haul Trucking: Get It To Where You Need It

heavy haul trucking

When you ship large containers over the road, a standard trucking company might not be ideal for getting the job done. Specific shipments demand heavy haul trucking, and for that, you need an appropriate carrier company.

Heavy Haul Trucking:

A truck that can operate above the federal maximum gross weight limit legally is known as a heavy haul truck. Sometimes, your shipments aren’t supposed to be a heavy haul, but working with a heavy haul expert is still helpful.

The Difference Between Heavy Haul Cargo And Standard Cargo:

Gross weight is the number that the scale reads once a truck rolls onto a scale. It counts the weight of everything, the container, truck, driver chassis, etc. According to federal regulations, a cargo truck’s maximum allowable gross weight is 80,000 lbs.

If you subtract the truck’s weight, you are left with around 40,000 lbs. Some states allow 90,000 lbs of gross weight while others allow over 100,000 lbs. The excess weight limit lets you gain more monetary benefits by loading more at one time. But to seize the savings, you need to partner with an adequately qualified heavy haul carrier.

Heavy Haul Trucking Company:

How to get your heavy haul trucking company to where you need it? You can follow the following tips to get where you need to be with a heavy haul trucking partner.

Suitable Equipment For Heavy Loads:

Inadequate equipment can lead to accidents on the road. Accidents can lead to many problems such as delays, cargo damage, driver injuries, and legal liabilities. So, make sure your trucking company specializes in overweight loads reducing any potential risks to your shipment. The company should use an appropriate chassis that can handle the extra weight.

Expertise In Weight Reduction:

Some savvy heavy haul drivers use a lighter-weight chassis with aluminum wheels instead of steel. These can perfectly withstand heavier loads but contribute less to the truck’s gross weight. Also, another way to reduce the gross weight is by filling half a tank of gas that will get you to a port. Some drivers also use day cabs instead of bigger sleepers, effectively reducing gross weight. These are some expert tips that heavy haul truckers use to get more load at a single time.

Getting Permits:

If you are regularly hauling cargo weighing more than 80,000 lbs, you are a trucker who has obtained a permit for each state you cross. This will keep your drivers and vehicles compliant with the law. If your load is oversized as well as overweight, you’ll be good to go with the permit.

Increased Container Load Means Lower Shipping Costs:

When you partner with the right heavy haul trucker, he has all the right equipment and secures necessary permits so that you can load more in a given container. If you opt for ocean freight, you will pay $30 per box for a total of 44,000 lbs. With container freight, you’ll be able to transport 125 cartons instead of 100, weighing 55,000 lbs. This technique also reduces your cost to $24 per carton. So basically, you’re shipping the extra 25 boxes for free. Over a period, this will save you thousands of dollars.

Save Time With Efficient Routing:

Mostly local roads have weight restrictions, making them off-limits for your heavy loads. A seasoned heavy haul trucker knows exactly where those roads are and might suggest an alternative route. 


You can benefit from a heavy haul trucking company’s expertise and plan instead of losing money while managing transportation yourself. 

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