How Can Truck Drivers Avoid Drowsy Driving?

drowsy driving

One of the leading causes of truck-related accidents is exhausted and tired truck drivers in the US. Drowsy driving is super dangerous. Most major truck accidents are often a result of fatigued truck drivers. In some cases, there is also loss of human lives involved. To avoid these scenarios, truck drivers need to take appropriate steps to waft off sleepiness and be attentive to their journey.

Some of the best ways to avoid drowsy driving:

Although different drivers have different techniques for keeping them awake, there are some sure-shot answers to how they can avoid drowsy driving. To ensure safety for yourself and the vehicles around you, you must follow the following tips for an alert and awake drive. 

1- Get a Good Amount of Sleep

One of the most important things you should do before a long journey is ensure that your body and mind are well-rested for the trip. With 8-9 hours of sleep, your body’s battery is fully charged, and you can go on about your day without worrying about drowsy driving. 

2- Munch on Snacks

Hunger is an enemy to your activeness and wakefulness. It is advised to always have many healthy snacks to munch on while going on long journeys. As soon as you feel hungry and exhausted, you should eat a granola bar, nuts, cheese, or sandwiches. These little bite breaks will keep you up and running for a long time. 

3- Take Adequate Amounts of Caffeine

Although caffeine has the magical power to wake you up instantly, having coffee in large amounts can give you a headache. Truck drivers can drink coffee once or twice through their journeys, immediately increasing focus and attention span. 

4- Keep Yourself Hydrated 

Unlike caffeine, water does not have side effects and will only benefit your body. Drinking water in short intervals will keep you awake and hydrated. Moreover, water also keeps your body awake and your mind active, which comes in handy while avoiding drowsy driving. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What are the little things one can do to get rid of sleepiness while driving?

There are some little things that you can try doing to avoid drowsy driving. You can try moving your arms and legs and taking a little walk. Wiggle your toes and stretch your muscles to prevent laziness. Moreover, you can roll the windows down to have fresh air wake you up. The radio also helps engage your mind and get rid of drowsiness. 

2- What are the signs you have fatigue as a driver?

If your eyes are getting limp and heavy, you might be getting tired. Moreover, lack of motivation, muscle ache, extreme sleepiness, or decreased focus are also signs of fatigue and indicate that you should stop driving immediately. Instead of drowsy driving, make a stop and freshen up if any of these things happen.


Drivers must work in shifts, be well-rested, and abide by the tips mentioned above or follow anything else that works for them to avoid road hazards and tragic accidents. They should also be encouraged to make small steps that help them stretch out and freshen up for the remaining road trip.

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