How Is Truck Driver Shortage Impacting Supply Chain?

How Is Truck Driver Shortage Impacting Supply Chain?

Truck Driver Shortage in Supply Chain– Truck drivers are responsible for moving around 71% of the U.S. economy’s products. And a substantial issue that affects the trucking industry, which nobody talks about, is the driver shortage. We have already lost 6% of our drivers since the pandemic. Trucking companies also have issues regarding recruitment at the moment.

Driver Shortage:

The driver shortage is a severe problem, and we need 130,000 new truckers by 2030. There are many reasons why we are facing a driver shortage. The pandemic and the significant resignation trend have mainly contributed to truckers leaving their profession. Although a trucker makes a decent living, it is a grueling job. If you have a family, you have to sacrifice family time. The hours are long, and you don’t get to see your loved ones very often.

Stopping for meal breaks and fuel stops can also expose you to COVID-19. If you get sick during deliveries, you have to take care of yourself alone. Sometimes drivers bear gas, maintenance, and insurance, which reduces their pay.

The Effects On The Supply Chain:

Since the market offers other opportunities, many drivers have explored construction, manufacturing, and real estate. While this is happening, we observe empty shelves in supermarkets. We have also seen the highest growth in inflation in decades. The shortage of truckers is one of the reasons for this inflation.

If we don’t address the shortage of truckers, inflation will rise. Essential products will not reach the market counters, and prices will still go up irrespective of the imports we make.  

The Solution of Truck Driver Shortage:

Major trucking enterprises are working on potential solutions for this problem. They are planning on modernizing the recruiting practices. This includes leveraging artificial intelligence technology for hiring drivers during the shortage. A specialized recruiting team that fields call for prospective truckers is another solution they propose.

Thinking Outside The Box:

In a competitive industry, we have to find ways to think differently. We need to challenge everything to start with. The entire process of candidate hunting needs to be evaluated. We can bring together our resources, talented people, and technology to optimize each touchpoint. Companies can involve partners that share their vision and goals.

Driver Retention:

Retaining drivers is another issue that affects the supply chain. Significant delays and order fulfillment issues are caused by driver shortage. To resolve this issue, companies must improve their driver experiences in 2022. Commercial drivers need an overall better working environment. They don’t just need better pay, but their work lives need to be improved. 

A possible solution for this can be fleet management software and route optimization. These will help you achieve operational efficiency and seamless plus low-stress driver experiences. 

Also, when fleets improve their training and career education, they directly benefit and prioritize driver experiences. This way, the company also creates efficient transportation, delivers better customer service, and increases profits. 

Tapping Into Underrepresented Driver Communities:

Companies can also reach out to underrepresented people in the industry. This includes Hispanic and military communities. The company can create a complete approach to advertising for particular communities. For example, hiring a Spanish-speaking recruiter to hire drivers will make them feel welcome and needed.  


Experienced truck drivers are a precious commodity for the trucking industry. The driver shortage has badly affected the supply chains across the U.S. Serious countermeasures are needed to revert the deficit and attract more drivers back into their professions.

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