Line Haul vs. Long Haul Truck Driver: Difference and Advantages

long haul truck drivers

Truck driving is a challenging task, no matter what kind of driver you are. Driving a huge loaded vehicle for long periods is indeed a stressful job. Trucking companies are now working to make this experience better and smoother for both long haul truck drivers and line haul truck drivers. Both drivers should be experts in their own line of work and maneuver the challenges they face accordingly. 

The Main Difference Between Line Haul and Long Haul Truck Drivers:

Duration of shifts

While long haul drivers are required to spend a large number of hours on the road, line haul drivers do the opposite. Linehaul trucking is more like a nine-to-five corporate job. You get to go to your bed at the end of the day. Long haul drivers have a lot of uncertainty in their working hours and may be required to extend their shifts according to their workload. 

Knowledge and Expertise

As long-haul truck drivers, one needs to cross borders and come across state borders. It requires them to be well equipped with proper licenses and all the knowledge they need to cross these barriers. Drivers also need to be equipped with knowledge about state laws and other trucking regulations. Linehaul drivers, on the other hand, do not need any such extensive trucking knowledge. 


There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing your working hours as a long-haul driver. The delivery process may take several days so that the drivers may choose the time according to their personal commitments. Short-haul drivers usually have to get going whenever the need arises and do not get a say in their delivery hours. 

Advantages of Long haul Trucking over Line Haul Trucking to Drivers:

Top-notch customer service 

With long-haul trucking, the customers are constantly updated about the delivery of their products. Most big businesses opt for long-haul trucking because it ensures the timely delivery of their products. Long haul truck drivers have to make sure they deliver everything in perfect conditions. 

Constant driver monitoring

Long haul truck drivers are constantly monitored by the trucking companies, which ensures safe deliveries. Moreover, the drivers perform well under constant scrutiny. It also allows the trucking company to monitor the braking rate and speed used by the long-haul truck driver. This amazing feature also allows long-haul truck drivers to stay in contact with their companies in case of any emergency or concern. 

Updated Scheduling Methods

The new and updated long-haul scheduling technology allows the company to assign delivery tasks according to driver availability. Moreover, it is extremely difficult for trucking companies to schedule all commercial deliveries manually. An automated scheduling service makes the process much easier and smoother for both parties. 


Both line haul and long haul truck drivers require the most updated technology as well as top-notch vehicles to perform well in their line of work. Though both trucking methods differ a lot, the main emphasis lies in how well the truck drivers are treated and the resources they are provided.

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