Must-Have Supplies For Truckers

supplies for truckers

Living the trucker life isn’t always easy, but knowing the right essentials to bring with you can help. There are different necessities that a truck driver can carry that’ll make his truck feel like a home away from home. Also, while on the road you may not know when a certain item may be required, so it’s good to always be prepared. 

In this article, we’ve discussed 6 different categories of essentials truckers need on the road. In each of these categories, some essentials will be explained further. So, for all the newbies or new haulers, here are some essentials you require for your vehicle. 

1. Personal Needs: 

When you’re on the job, you must be comfortable. That means having comfortable clothing as well. Here’s a packing list for those long jobs:

  • Trucking clothes: this should include any piece of clothing that you can drive comfortably in. 
  • Shoes: A nice, comfy pair of shoes will be good for you. Keep an extra pair just to be safe.
  • Off-duty clothes: When it’s your rest time you might need some season-appropriate clothing, so it’s nice to have that packed as well.
  • Keep a jacket in your bag; it can get chilly, so you need to be prepared. 
  • Sunglasses: Pack some anti-scratch sunglasses for those early sunrises or during the daytime. 
  • Raincoats, Hard Hat, Work Gloves, and shoes are all essentials you’ll need for one job or another. Clothing isn’t the only important thing you’ll need for yourself.
  • Pack your cell phone charger with you. You want your phone to be working at all times.
  • GPS is another crucial item to have so that you don’t lose your way. 
  • A map is critical to have too in case your phone and GPS stopped working.

2. Hygiene Products: 

As you’re on the road for long periods, you need essential hygiene products. Pack some extra stuff for your fellow drivers as well.

  •  Toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash o Deodorant o Shampoo, shower gel, or soap
  •  Daily medication o Grooming kit with hairbrush, razors, and small scissors 

Your hygiene is important but doesn’t forget those cleaning products for the truck. These include: 

  • Small vacuum cleaner 
  • Disinfectant wipes 
  • Paper towels 
  • Rags 
  • Detergent or cleaning agents 
  • Don’t forget some air freshener! 

3. Maintenance Tools: 

As a truck driver, you’re not expected to know mechanics too but having a basic tool kit will always come in handy. You’ll not only save money, but some precious time too. 

Your trailer toolbox should have combination wrenches, dog/done bone wrench, wire cutter, electrical tape, box knife, hammer, air pressure gauge, flashlights, work lights, metal dowel rod, and safety glasses 

4. Emergency Needs: 

When you see the word emergency, you first think about a first aid kit. You as a truck driver know that most companies already provide a first aid box with the vehicle. Then comes an emergency tools kit which should have: 

  • Batteries, Flashlight, Jumper Cables
  • Bottled water 
  • Duct tape 
  • Extra gloves 
  • Canned Food 
  • Flares 
  • A Knife or Pliers maybe 
  • A Safety Vest 

5. Food and Snacks: 

You can always get food on the go, but packing a healthy lunch and some snacks will be good for your health while saving you money. Some healthy options include fruits, canned soups, microwavable meals, sandwiches, crackers, fruit juices, milk, or meat items.

6. Entertainment: 

Being on the road can be relaxing for some, but over longer periods, it can be quite lonely. Having your favorite technology can help break the silence and keep you entertained. Music players, laptops, or tablets are a great way to pass some time. You can also take a book along if you’re a reader. 

You spend a long time in your truck, and having a comfortable environment can be beneficial for you as a trucker. So, here are some recommendations for our fellow haulers.

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