The Best Way To Find A Cheap Moving Truck

cheap moving truck

You’re moving to a new city because of your job, or perhaps you need to move some office equipment for work. Whatever the reason, you are moving and need to look for a moving truck.

Whenever you’re renting a moving truck, the pricing isn’t always according to your budget. You often look at advertisements that say “Deals starting from $19.95” or “Book us now for $30”, but when you make a reservation it is nowhere near the amount you first saw. If you plan on renting a truck for longer distances, it gets even more expensive.

However frustrating this may look, we have a few tricks that will help you in finding a cheap moving truck.

Pricing Issue

When you have to move, you get quotes from multiple moving companies to get the best deal possible. And doing this, you learn that prices vary a great deal between companies. The reason being, that some companies have busier schedules on particular dates, like near Easter or Christmas. This means higher prices during these days. A simple trick that you can use is to give 3-4 different dates to the moving company to get a quote. This way you can get the best deal by adjusting your moving days a bit.

Sometimes, moving companies utilize complex algorithms to manage their inventory. This means that their vehicles are utilized more efficiently while saving money for the company. The algorithm gives you your price quote. Whenever the demand is low, a moving truck will be cheaper.

An additional trick that you can try is choosing different pick-up and drop-off locations within your city. This also significantly changes the price structure. Avoid moving between holidays to stay within your allocated budget.

Choosing the truck:

Once you’ve narrowed down a moving company, you need to determine what size moving truck you’ll need. This makes the biggest difference when finding a cheap moving truck. You need to check out all the different sizes the company offers. Before choosing the size of the truck, you need to take into account the size of your present home, how much furniture you have, and how much of the larger furniture are you planning on moving. Mostly, studio apartment furniture can fit in a 10-foot truck, while a 26-foot truck can withhold furniture of a four-bedroom house. You need to know how much stuff you’re moving to make the right choice.

Before finalizing a rental company, it is best to check their reviews. Asking family and friends for their recommendations also comes in handy while making this decision. Choosing a well-reputed company will only help you.

Distance and duration of the move

Moving truck companies calculate prices while accounting for size, duration of travel, and distance traveled by the vehicle. Sometimes, buyers don’t pay attention to any additional expenses like toll costs, additional fuels, and insurance costs. If you’re moving long distances, then you need to add toll costs and some additional costs in your final quote.

Sometimes when you’re making a one-way move, the prices are higher. Be sure to check any additional fees before you move.

A few extra points to consider include comparing the equipment of the moving truck:

  • Is it automatic transmission or manual, as fuel consumption varies significantly for both?
  • Does the vehicle offer a ramp, what are its measurements?
  • Check for safety features like seatbelts, airbags, etc.
  • What kind of fuel do they use?

These are some considerations that can impact your final quote. Ultimately, you need to understand that moving is a big deal and a major expense. So, you need to do a lot of homework before making a final decision. Putting a little extra effort into your research can mean big savings in your budget in the end.

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