Prevent Your Flowers From Wilting by Using Gillson’s Refrigerated Trucks

Temperature is an important factor that affects the quality of flowers, and their value depends entirely on how they are handled. Gillson trucking understands this, and that’s why our temperature-controlled, refrigerated trucks are perfect for florists who wish to transport their flowers from one place to another. Our Trucks are designed to keep the temperature low, so wilting can be prevented.

Re-cooling Ruins The Quality – Keep Flowers in The Right Temperature At All Times

What has been a rather conventional and not-so-effective method is first exposing flowers to high temperatures and then re-cooling them. Flowers have already been exposed to harsh and high temperatures when re-cooled at the destination. This causes ethylene levels to rise, which paves the way for botrytis to develop, and there is no way back. Therefore, It is important to keep your flowers at the right temperature at all times. 

Having a temperature-controlled truck reduces undesired exposure and enables the flowers to reach their destination without affecting their freshness, color, or smell.

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Here are a few reasons why you should choose Gillson’s temperature-controlled trucks to keep your flowers fresh when on long journeys.

The Perfect Temperature

The ideal temperature range for flowers is between 33 – 35 degrees Fahrenheit. This ideal temperature will prevent flowers from wilting and cease their fruits from releasing ethylene gas, hence giving them a longer lifespan. Your car’s AC unit is just not enough for this, but it is a wise decision to invest in a refrigerated van. We know that a bouquet of wilted flowers is no use, so contact us today for our temperature-controlled truck services.

Satisfy Your Customers

Happy customers mean a happy business. We understand how your business values customer satisfaction and always wants to deliver only high-quality fresh flowers. Flowers that are almost dead on arrival cause a monetary loss and affect the way your customers expect from you.

Ideal For Long Distance Deliveries

Do you want to deliver somewhere far? Refrigerated trucks are perfect for the job while making sure the flowers remain beautiful and fresh.


Gillson Trucking offers refrigerated, temperature-controlled trucks that will meet your specific flower delivery needs for your business. We make sure with every delivery. We deliver the best of the best so you can satisfy your clients if you have queries, visit Gillson Trucking

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