Top 5 Pros And Cons To Regional Truck Driving

Pros And Cons To Regional Truck Driving

Pros And Cons To Regional Truck Driving- Are you looking at regional truck driving jobs? Regional trucking is a good option for many drivers due to its evident convenience. But as with any other job, there are definite pros and cons of zonal truck driving. So, this blog will help you determine if this is the field for you.

Regional Truck Driving:

A regional truck driver typically drives within a particular region. His deliveries are usually day trips, so he has more time at home.

The Pros:

Let’s look at the benefits associated with regional truck driving.

  • More Time At Home:

As we’ve mentioned before, regional drivers work during the day shift and generally make it home every night. This is why more and more drivers gravitate towards zonal jobs. And if they don’t get home every night, they do so every other night, which is still better than over-the-road drivers. This is one benefit that is hard to beat.

  • Weekends Off:

zonal drivers are generally off on the weekends. This varies from company to company and the kind of cargo you haul. OTR drivers don’t have days off on the weekends. If you have a social life, weekends off are a great advantage.

  • Health Benefits:

In addition to spending more time at home, zonal truck drivers enjoy some definite health benefits. They spend less time behind the wheel than OTR drivers. As a result, they are not exposed to the safety risks of driving for long periods. They also can move around during the day compared to OTR drivers.

  • Set Schedule:

If you want a fixed routine, regional trucking is ideal for you. Drivers have a set schedule they can count on. That is great for planning your time off. Also, it is comforting to know when you will be home and when you need to be on the job.

  • Excellent Work/Life Balance:

Regional jobs have a massive advantage of maintaining a work/life balance for drivers. You get to work during the day and get back home to spend time with the family. If you value this balance, then regional trucking is the best option for you.

The Cons:

There are many benefits but at the end of the day. Let’s discuss some cons now.

  • Lower Pay:

Regional truck driving pays a lot less than OTR jobs. So, you need to consider your finances in the long term and short term. If the pay package works for you, then only you can take it up as a career. For many drivers, the work-life balance is more important than the pay itself.

  • Competitive Positions:

Zonal jobs are generally more competitive as compared to long-haul trucking jobs. Also, fleet owners can be picky because they have endless candidates to choose from.

A good company demands driver experience, and you may have to highlight your strong points to impress the recruiters. Making a solid impression is necessary if you want to get a job as a regional driver.

  • Loading and Unloading:

In some regional assignments, you need to make a lot of stops and do some physical labor. This depends on your fleet owner and the kind of cargo you deliver.

Sometimes drivers are required to load and unload the trucks as a part of their job. Read your job description carefully if you aren’t interested in such employment.

  • Long Hours:

Some day shifts are 10-14 hours long. This also depends on your company, but you can start your day anytime as a regional driver. Some drivers prefer to start shifts at 4:00 AM and end before 7 PM.

  • Social Interaction:

Some drivers don’t like interacting with customers, but regional jobs require this. If you aren’t a people person, this may be a big con for you.


Regional driving has some excellent pros but some definite cons as well. If you prefer to drive in cities and towns, you might want to consider if the benefits of regional driving outweigh the downsides and then decide.

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