Reefer Containers and Their Advantages

Reefer Containers and Their Advantages

Refrigerated containers, also known as Reefer containers, are one of the six types of containers that carry freight or cargo. While they look similar to regular containers, they operate as giant mobile refrigerators that act as temperature regulating bodies for the goods that they carry. Due to this, they are the ideal candidates for shipping perishable or temperature-sensitive products such as anatomical waste, fruits, fish, dairy, meat, vegetables, flowers, beverages, and pharmaceutical products. 

How Does a Reefer Container Work?

These containers are 2.4 meters wide and run on three phases that can allow the contents to be kept at a constant temperature that ranges from -25°C to +25°C. The temperature can be controlled to within 0.3°C of the required set point. To perform all the functions, a constant electricity function is essential. This connection is supplied via the power outlet of the vessel or portable generators, also known as “ gensets.”

Facilitates Atmosphere Regulation 

The control unit encompasses features such as atmosphere regulation, ventilation, temperature, and humidity. The recommended settings are dependent on the contents of the container, whether it’s the freshness of fruits that need to be preserved or the shelf life that needs to be lengthened. Thus, regulation of CO2 and O2 is essential to maintain the atmosphere of the container. 

Self-Contained and Sufficient Units

When compared to Reefer ships, more often than not, Reefer containers usually don’t require the need to be placed into cold storage once they arrive at their destination. This is mainly because they are self-contained and sufficient units.

Carry Goods of Varying Dimensions

Moreover, they are not limited to any one size: Reefer containers are offered in varying dimensions, making them the ideal shipment service for any type of goods and any mode of transport, including sea, air, and road.  

Different Sections For Different Things

One of the most incredible benefits of reefer containers, perhaps, is the fact that they can be divided into different sections at their temperature settings. This makes them ideal for storing chilled and frozen products that are all essentially placed in the same container. Because they can be transported via different carriers, they offer a relatively faster return on investment and better financial security than reefer ships. Another critical feature of Reefer containers is that they are highly durable, meaning that they can operate even in unfriendly environments. Lastly, Reefer containers inevitably guarantee a longer shelf life of products because the cool circulating air prevents them from ripening too quickly. 

Dehumidification Controls

To ensure that you reap the benefits of Reefer containers, it is essential to carry out its operations in the proper manner. This entails packing the cargo firmly to prevent it from shifting during shipping. Moreover, the unit should set the ideal temperature required from the shipment and check for anything that may prevent excellent airflow. Many products do not age well in humidity, such as fruits. Consequently, it is crucial to check the dehumidification controls. 


Q: What is the most crucial thing regarding reefer containers?

These containers maintain a stable temperature and airflow inside the container.

Q: What is the difference between dry and reefer containers?

Reefers are temperature-controlled containers; however, dry containers have no such specification of maintaining any such environment for a product. 


Reefer containers are the solution to all modern shipment needs for perishable items. However, to ensure you take advantage of the benefits these containers offer, you need to familiarize yourself with the goods and settings they require. You may contact Gillson Trucking for more information.

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