5 Things to Know About the Trucking Industry

5 Things to Know About the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry is constantly revolutionizing and increasing its share in the American GDP. Stepping into the trucking industry is an excellent opportunity for various individuals. This is due to several reasons: First, training is often relatively straightforward, and you don’t require a significant investment when it comes to gaining formal education.

How Does the Trucking Industry Work? 

Since the trucking industry mainly offers contract-based jobs, it allows for greater flexibility regarding the number of hours and the location compared to other sectors. 

However, before deciding to pursue a career in the trucking industry professionally, here are five things to know before putting on your trucker’s seatbelt. 

1. An Attorney is Ultra-Important! 

It is a well-known fact that knowing your rights, whether as a consumer or an employer, is crucial. This fact also holds for the trucking industry.  Once you get a job in the industry, one of the first steps is to contact a truck accident attorney. This person should be trustworthy and well versed in their career because, after the unfortunate circumstance of any damage on the road, this attorney should be the first person you call for any legal advice. 

2. Recurring Accidents on the Road

While trucking is a rewarding business, accidents are also quite common. However, some accidents are more recurring than others, and learning the statistical probability of each of these accidents can allow you to train yourself to prevent them from happening. Trucking carries various hazards, and the more you learn about them, the greater the possibility of you avoiding them!

3. Wage Rates in Trucking Industry

If you want to pursue a career in trucking merely because of the money, it is a good idea to do your research in advance. Different contracts offer wages according to the types of locations, the distance traveled, and the number of hours you put in. Moreover, these rates vary for each company. You also need to learn about the financial help available by factoring companies and lenders.

Once you know about these factors, you can choose your assignments accordingly. 

4. Automated Cars In Trucking Industry

The concept of self-driving cars is on the rise, and the technology that goes into them may soon be used for truck drivers! Because truckers spend a lot of time on the roads, this self-driving application will come in handy for all professional truck drivers. There will be numerous safety benefits for everyone involved. While the technology isn’t here for the trucking industry yet, once it does, the roads will be a safer place for all, including cars, pedestrians, and bikes. 

5. The Future of The Trucking Industry

The truckers’ report tells us that the average trip length is declining.  Due to the reduction in the duration of a trip, trucking companies can now reduce the costs and improve their services. This way, they will satisfy both the truck drivers and their customers. This fact should give you the push you have been looking for to become a professional truck driver. 


Q: What do I need to know about the transportation industry?

It is an essential part of the industry as it has a huge role in logistics and contributes a lot to the economy.

Q: What is the most profitable type of trucking?

The most profitable type of trucking includes Ice road trucking, Hazmat hauling, Tanker hauling, and Oversized load hauling.


Whether you are planning to pursue a career in the trucking industry or are already a trucker, one thing is for sure: The trucking industry is quite lucrative, especially with the possibility of automated self-driving and shorter trip length. However, to make the best of your career, it is essential to know some of the basics, including your legal rights, common patterns in accidents and their preventive measures, and the wage rates offered by various companies. You may visit Gillson Trucking for more details.

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