5 Tips For Truckers To Avoid Accidents On The Road

Do Tips to avoid accidents for truckers who maneuver trucks weighing more than 80,000 lbs exist? Yes, they do. Just a little mindfulness can prevent unnecessary accidents. 

The majority of accidents can be prevented!

It is the truth. Most of the accidents that occur can be avoided. As a new driver, after you finish your initial training, your trucking company will give you your own gig, and you will have to drive on your own for the first time. During this period, you will face a new set of challenges. This period can be scary for inexperienced drivers. 

Here are a few tips for inexperienced, new truck drivers to prevent unnecessary accidents. 

Move Slowly:

This is by far the best tip to avoid accidents. Do everything slowly and think thoroughly before taking any step. The importance of being slow and thinking before doing anything can not be emphasized enough.


Another challenge you will have to face is looking for your delivery destination. Even if you have planned your trip and use GPS, this can still be quite challenging. Driving to a place you have never been to is tough, and the traffic, added to the stress, can cause accidents. Even drivers with years of experience find it stressful. So another tip is to plan before your trip and be prepared for the challenge. 

Pay Attention To Details:

Another tip is to be thorough. Check everything and make sure you do not forget anything, e.g., trip planning, paperwork preparation, etc. When you are about to move, check thoroughly that there are no obstacles. This will become a habit over time and will ensure that you do not forget something critical and, overall, will help prevent accidents. 

Study Your Delivery Area Before Backing Your Trailer:

Park your truck on the street and study the area in which you will be backing your trailer. If there are any obstacles, remove them and overall study the area so that you will not have to deal with any surprises later. 

Do Not Fully Trust The Spotter:

The one responsible for your truck is you. When you are backing your truck and have a spotter, do not fully trust him as they mostly only watch one side of the truck. We are not saying that the spotter’s intentions will be wrong, but at the end of the day, if anything happens, you will be the one responsible. This is a pretty helpful tip and can prevent unnecessary accidents.


It is your first year in your trucking career, or even if you are an experienced driver, unnecessary accidents can occur. So the next time you are on the road, use the tips we have mentioned. Visit Gillson Trucking to learn more. Stay safe and healthy!

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