Sleep Better: Tips To Get Better Sleep In Your Truck

Sleep is what keeps our minds and bodies healthy. Sleep strengthens your immune system, helps you accomplish your daily tasks, and lowers the risk for diseases like heart disease and diabetes. 

Although everyone loves to wake up refreshed, many adults do not sleep enough. Lack of sleep can drastically impact your health, peace of mind, and relationships. 

Adults should sleep at least seven hours. Sleeping between seven and nine hours is what experts recommend. 

As we all know, truck drivers sleep at random times as they do not have typical 9 to 5 schedules. So sleeping at the same time every night or even sleeping at night may not be an option for them. 

Driving While Feeling Drowsy Is Dangerous!

Not getting enough sleep can cause drowsiness. But we know that sleeping as a truck driver is not easy. However, rest is vital for truck drivers as drowsiness can cause accidents. Not getting enough sleep can lead to slow reaction times. Moreover, you could possibly microsleep, which is when you lose consciousness for about 4 to 5 seconds. 4 to 5 seconds might not seem a lot of time, but on the road, when other people are driving around, it is a lot. Many crashes occur due to drowsiness.

How To Prevent Drowsiness?

  • Get enough sleep
  • Don’t drink alcohol
  • Take power naps
  • Get caffeinated

Tips To Get Better Sleep In Your Truck

  • Choose a good parking place

The environment when you sleep is essential. It would be best if you parked in a safe and quiet place. You should not sleep on the roadside as it is not safe and could lead to a ticket. Instead, park in a quiet place at a truck stop or a rest area. 

  • Spend on bedding

Go buy some pillows and bedding and customize your space. Blankets or weighted comforters will help you fall asleep. 

  • Stay away from technology before bed

Research has shown that using your phone or computer before bed interferes with sleep. You do not want anything to interfere with your sleep. You can instead read a book or a magazine.

  • Have a bedtime routine

By having a bedtime routine, you signal your body that it is time to sleep. Your routine may include skin care, brushing your teeth, and putting on pajamas. 


It is essential for a truck driver to get sufficient sleep. Follow the tips mentioned and sleep better. Stay safe and healthy. Visit Gillson Trucking for more information.

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