Top 5 Tips For Truck Driving In The Snow

Truck Driving In The Snow

Driving any truck in severe weather conditions can be challenging. It demands certain skill sets that only professional drovers possess. You need to adapt your driving style according to snow and harsher weather conditions as a driver.

Tips For Driving A Truck In Snow:

Good maneuvering and skid control are essential when driving through icy roads. We’ve compiled the five most crucial tips for all the truck drivers who have to go in severe weather conditions like snow.

Drive At A Slow Pace:

Most accidents happen when you over speed. Driving well within the designated speed limit can save you from most accidents while driving in snow.

Don’t hurry during a snowstorm as speed kills. This is the top safety driving tip for truck driving in the snow.

Maintain A Buffer Zone:

Keeping a safe distance between the vehicles in your front and back and beside your truck is most important at all times.

Don’t follow the tail lights of the truck ahead because, during poor visibility, this means that you’re following the vehicle too close. Keep a buffer zone and stay way back.

Traveling In A Pack Is A Big No:

Traffic seems to move in packs on the highway. Try to move out of the group and travel alone. This is our recommendation so that you can maximize the distance around your vehicle and avoid any possible accidents.

Don’t Push Your Vehicle:

Knowing what your vehicle and its equipment can handle is vital for a professional driver. This is also a great way to stay safe on the road during the snow season.

If you’re nervous about driving during a snow storm, you can always stay parked. Call your dispatch and have them reschedule your appointment. A nervous truck driver can be more dangerous than a careless one.

Kitty Litter for your Tires:

When parking during snow, your warm tires can turn the snow into a patch of ice, hindering your truck’s movements. Throwing some kitty litter under your tires when you park is an incredibly safe and environmentally friendly way of solving your problem. This will give you the little bit of traction you need to start moving your vehicle.

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An additional tip is to keep an eye on your air tanks. They can freeze up pretty quickly. If you carry a hammer and putty knife, you can ensure that no ice gets on the air tanks. Making the walk-around checks can be complex during the winter months, but they are essential. As a driver, you can perform your checks using a digital device or a tablet to reduce the risk of illegible handwriting. Plus, it also gets the administrative data put in your system.

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