Truck Driver Training: Prepare For Your CDL Exam


The commercial learner’s permit exam comprises three sections that includes 100 questions. The three sections ask questions regarding general knowledge and combination vehicles. Since the U.S. Department of Transportation has made the CDL exam a compulsion for commercial drivers, it is necessary to pass it.

CDL Permit Test & Why It’s Important?

Driving a loaded heavy truck is very different from regular driving. Also, truck drivers face many challenges when navigating through traffic in a large vehicle. The CDL test prepares you for your future journeys and ensures your safety and the safety of others on the road.

The prerequisites include:
Possession of a valid driver’s license
Passing a physical exam
Being older than 18 years
You must also obtain an 80% score on the test to get your CDL permit.

Know What Kind Of CDL You Want:

If you want to apply for a class A CDL license, you’ll have a universal CDL allowing you to drive different types of commercial trucks and tractor-trailers. While a class B CDL is a specialized license, enabling you to handle straight trucks and dump trucks.

There are a lot of online platforms that offer free practice tests for class A CDL and class B CDL exams. You can take help from these free CDL practice tests after you’ve completed your studies.

The CDL Prep Guide:

Preparing for your CDL exam requires a decent amount of studying if you want to pass it in one go. This comprehensive guide will assist you in acing your exam.

Review The CDL Guide For Your State:

As state regulations differ for every state, you need to be informed and get an accurate study guide.
You can check your state’s DMV website to get all the related study materials and other requirements.

Thoroughly Go Through The CDL Handbook:

This handbook contains all there is to know about CDL driving, so it will be beneficial in clearing your exam. The manual does vary according to state requirements, so you need to study from a good handbook.

It covers air brakes, tank vehicles, taking the exam, on-road driving test, combination vehicle, transportation of cargo, towing trailers, and other related issues.

Get the latest version of the CDL handbook and make notes and pointers, to avoid missing the crucial points.

Keep Your Documentation Ready:

As an applicant for the CDL, you’ll need to apply to your local DMV. You will also need documents like your birth certificate, passport, and naturalization documents to prove your identity.
They might also need to verify your lawful presence and ask for tax records, leases, W-2 forms, or mortgage records.

Commit To Your CDL Test Prep:

Once you’ve decided to take the exam, be fully committed to its preparation. Set your study times and follow them regularly. Also, book an appointment with your DMV to know how much time you have for practice.

Join An Online Permit Course:

These online permit courses are specifically designed to help you pass your exam. The course equips you with all the knowledge required for taking your test.

You’ll give sample tests with three categories focusing on knowledge of vehicle parts, systems, and different terminologies. The second part gauges your grasp on the vehicle, while the third section is a practical road test.

Once you’re fully prepared to give the exam, you’ll pass it and get your CDL permit.

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