8 Major Unspoken Truck Driving Rules Every Trucker Should Know

8 Major Unspoken Truck Driving Rules Every Trucker Should Know

Truck driving rules are pretty much the same as all vehicles, but they might vary slightly for trucks. This is because the trucks carry heavy luggage and are considered heavy transports; hence they have their protocols. The major unspoken truck driving rules that every trucker should know are discussed in the blog.

What are the Rules That a Truck Driver Should Keep in Mind?

There are several rules that a truck driver should keep in mind for his safety and the safety of the ones around. A truck driver has the responsibility of his own and the shipper and customer as well. Both the parties are concerned about their goods and expect to receive them in perfect condition.

1. Do Not Disclose Your Haul

One of the safety tips is to stay as quiet as you can during the journey. You should not disclose the valuables you are moving to or anything regarding your travel. Oversharing might result in a safety concern that would affect you, the shipper, and the customer; hence it’s better to stay quiet. 

2. Do Not Waste Time 

Time is money! Save as much time as you can while you are traveling. You may use different features to ensure the proper amount of fuel. Moreover, avoid spending time at petrol stations as it is dangerous and a waste of time.

3. Drive Safely

Another thing to keep in mind is the speed limit. Once you have decided to go on a journey, planned a proper timetable, and considered the route, what makes you go so fast? Always preach the traffic signals and drive safely.

4. Show Courtesy To Other Truckers

You know how hard it is for truck drivers to drive for this long. Hence, you should always show courtesy to those passing by trucks and acknowledge them for their efforts. This is how you keep peace and work efficiently.

5. Plan Your Schedule Beforehand

Another thing to keep in mind is to make a proper schedule for your day beforehand and implement things accordingly. This would save your time and help you do your work more efficiently.

6. Keep In Mind Your Fuel Consumption

Remember that your fuel imbalance can cost you a lot of money and time. Hence, keep in mind that your fuel should be apt for your journey to avoid inconvenience. 

7. Use GPS For Your Ease

Thanks to technology! We have a proper tracking system for our trucks. This brilliant feature helps us ensure the appropriate safety of our vehicle and luggage. Moreover, you can always watch your drivers move. Apart from that, if a truck driver forgets his way, he can always use this feature.

8. Do Not Overtake On One Way Roads

One-way roads are designed for one vehicle per time, and overtaking on such roads can be very risky. A lot of accidents are caused on roads due to this feature. Hence you are advised to keep yourself and others safe. 


Q. What is the hardest thing about truck driving?

Working for long, tiring hours without sufficient breaks is the hardest thing for truck drivers. 

Q. What are the most miles a truck driver can drive?

A driver can drive for 11 consecutive hours where the next 10 hours are off duty. However, during this time, a truck driver can cover around 500 Miles. 


Truck driving rules are not hard to learn, but drivers make mistakes and make issues for themselves. It is advisable to follow the proper tips and procedures before beginning your journey and during your trip. For more information, you may visit Gillson Trucking

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