What Is Team Truck Driving Like? Pros And Cons Of Team Truck Driving

Team truck driving

Team truck driving happens when two drivers drive the same truck and take turns in operating the same truck. It is imperative in long road hauls. FMCSA allows the truck drivers to go a maximum of 11 hours after ten consecutive hours off-duty. This ensures that one team member drives for continuous 11 hours while the other can catch up on sleep.

How It Works:

The two drivers work together towards the same goal: to transport freight. It makes the hauling efficient and effective, so the truck companies usually tend to pay more per mile and even offer sign-on bonuses. 

Basics Of Team Truck Driving:

The team truck driving works so that the two drivers drive the exact vehicle but in turns. This means that one driver is behind the wheel, the other is either in the passenger seat or in sleep-berth. The truck remains in motion, keeping in view the hours-of-service regulations. The company pays drivers on the miles they drive, and as a result, the total sum of money is split between the two drivers.

It is essential to know about your driving partner. People usually work for close friends, family members, etc. But the companies involved in the truck driving business usually pair the drivers based on their personality, preferences, and interests.

Truck driving partners should be willing to trust each other, ready to share space and compromise. 

Benefits Of Driving As A Team (Team Truck Driving):

  • Financial benefit: 

Since the truck drivers drive in the company, they can cover more miles than solo drivers. Though the money is split between the two still the benefit is higher. According to Glen, “Solo drivers have to take a break for at least 10 hours every day. As a team, you can function round the clock.” On average, driving teams log anywhere from 4,500 miles to 5,000 miles per week. On the other hand, Solo drivers log on average between 2,400 and 2,800 miles per week.

  • Priority loads:

The duo drivers can carry the freight faster than solo drivers since they can work efficiently and effectively.

  • Company:

It is always fun to drive in the company. Someone you can talk to on-road and share experiences. The journey becomes fun and worth the hard work.

  • Efficient, safe, and Effective:

Team truck driving is efficient and safe as there is always someone to look after the freight and load while the other partner can catch up on sleep or maybe have some food.

Some Drawbacks:

However, team truck driving can have some drawbacks as well. Some of them are listed here:

  1. Though the company is always appreciated, sometimes it can become a hassle. One has to compromise over several factors, which are always not according to one’s liking.
  2. Since one is always traveling in partnership, one must always accommodate the other person’s breaks and preferences. This can sometimes become a point of irritation, and therefore the journey may become unpleasant.

Team truck driving has its advantages and disadvantages; it’s always preferable to initiate a thorough understanding of the concept and how it works. Selecting who you drive for, the bonus, and the partner are all important things to look for.

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