What to Know About Ice Road Trucking?

Ice Road Trucking

Ice road trucking is a term that refers to transportation in severe weather. This includes the movement of goods in temperatures when the roads are all white (covered with snow), and it is hard even to have visibility. This is a very technical job and requires a lot of vigilance.  On the positive side, it helps you earn a lot of money. 

How to Be a Part of Ice Road Trucking? 

The movement of goods from one place to another in extremely cold weather is called ice road trucking. This trucking service is not available everywhere as it is a very tough job to drive in snow. You should keep the following points in mind if you want to be a part of the ice road trucking industry:

1. Be Educated

One among the several things you need to keep in mind is the factor of education. It advised that a driver applying for this job should have a proper driving license certificate. This would help the company have an assurity that the fact that who they are hiring is capable enough.

2. Learn to Face Job Hazards

There are a lot of unfortunate events that might happen when you are on the road. For example, unlike regular truck journeys, you do not enjoy random stops on the route. You are required to work all day in white snow. Moreover, there are issues like truck failures and more that need to be tackled by the truck driver alone during such circumstances. 

3. Be More Vigilant

Since it is a great responsibility to work in such a tough environment, you must be more vigilant. Cold weather usually makes a person lazier. Hence, you should always keep yourself warm and check out for any external inconveniences.

4. Consider Your Pay to Be Rewarding

The job might be tough, but it rewards you the same way. You must be vigilant during your shift and maintain a good profile. If you have a good elite portfolio, you can make more money than you imagined. 

5. Always Keep a Co-Driver

The most important tip is to keep a co-driver with you while on such a journey. The reason is that your journey is long; it might take 2-3 days while you are on the road. To accompany yourself, always keep a co-driver. You can also exchange duties at your convenience. 


Q. How much do ice road truckers make?

On average, they earn a total of $60,000. However, an estimated $78,000 is made by ice road truckers annually. Your pay majorly depends on your skills. 

Q. How long does it take to drive the ice road?

Although the answer majorly depends on the length of the route, on average, it takes around 2 to 2 and a half days to travel via ice road. 


Ice road trucking is a tough job but helps you a lot in terms of money. You are advised to be more vigilant throughout the journey and keep a truck driver beside you to keep yourself accompanied. Also, take regular breaks and learn things from your surroundings. For more information and queries, you may visit Gillson Trucking

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