What Truckers Need to Know About CDL Suspension Rules?

What Truckers Need to Know About CDL Suspension Rules

A CDL suspension is something that a truck driver would try to avoid. That, too, for self-explanatory reasons. For instance, It leaves a permanent stain on their driving record, higher insurance costs, and a monetary loss for not hauling. It is essential to know what circumstances can lead to a CDL suspension and how a driver can avoid one. Here are the facts that can come in handy.   

What Offenses Lead to a CDL Suspension?

Several offenses can result in a CDL suspension. The two main categories are “Major offenses” and “Traffic violations.”

Major Violations

If a licensed CDL driver is found guilty of their first major violation, their CDL license will be suspended. If convicted for a second major violation, their license will be suspended indefinitely. Different types of major violations include:

  •        Driving under alcohol or drug influence
  •        Reckless operation
  •        Not willing to take a sobriety test
  •        Leaving the site of the accident while driving
  •        Driving a commercial vehicle while already having a suspended CDL
  •        Using a vehicle while committing a felony

Serious Traffic Violations

The other category relegated for CDL drivers is “serious” traffic violations. When a commercial driver is convicted of two “serious traffic violations” on two different occasions within three years, he may lose his commercial driving license for up to 60 days. However, if a commercial driver is convicted of three major traffic violations within three years, he will be suspended for 120 days. Serious traffic violations can be in the form of: 

  • Tailgating
  • Speeding at 15 mph+ above the speed limit
  • Negligent speeding
  • Operating a commercial vehicle without a CDL 


Q. Which is the difference between suspension and disqualification?

A CDL suspension occurs when a driver isn’t permitted to drive a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) for a specified amount of time. Breaks are often due to offenses, traffic violations, or accidents. The driver can get a CDL issued again once the specified time is up. 

In contrast, a CDL disqualification is when a driver isn’t permitted to drive a CMV because of a qualification issue. Reasons for disqualification can either be medically related or the inability to meet the DOT requirement. However, CDL can be reinstated once the problem has been dealt with. 

Q. What are the medical and physical standards for the drivers in the trucking industry?

As per the government’s requirement,  individuals must meet the medical and physical standards to make sure that they can safely drive trucks. Perfect vision is mandatory. To get a commercial driving license, you must meet the sight and hearing requirements. Vision requirements encompass range and color. Other physical conditions, including epilepsy, might also hinder your receiving of CDL. 


DOT regulations are created and upheld for your safety. Driving a commercial vehicle requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge than driving a typical passenger vehicle. Hence, it is essential to keep an eye out for potential offenses. However, if you end up with a CDL suspension, you should take it as a lesson. Although it may be devastating, it isn’t the end of your driving career. It is a learning opportunity. Visit Gillson Trucking for more information.

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