Why Should You Consider Having A Box Truck? Pros And Cons

box truck

If you are an owner-operator and your company needs to transport various kinds of goods, box truck may answer you. These trucks offer an enclosed trailer with a cabin truck and are sometimes called cube trucks or vans. Box trucks come in different sizes and can be used according to customers’ needs. They’re fully capable of handling commercial and personal cargo.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Box Truck?

Here are some pros of using a box truck.

Safe Storage:

A box van is a secure place that protects cargo from all kinds of weather damage, pests, theft, or vandalism attempts. A box truck shields your products from prying eyes and prevents any exposure to high or low temperatures in addition to sun damage. The box storage can also store tools, equipment, building material you want to stow away securely.

Better Option Than A Trailer:

If you use a trailer, you know how taxing it can be to hitch and unhitch it. Although it does haul your cargo safely, a box truck efficiently moves cargo without additional hassles. A box van is an all-in-one solution for your transportation, you have to load up freight, and you’ll be ready to go.

Use The Box Trailer For Advertising:

While you drive around the box truck, you can advertise your business. Put up your business info, address, and contact information on the truck and get the benefit of free advertising while you work. You can get extra work which means more business for you. You can also park your truck at busy events to advertise your business.

Another option would be to offer another business an opportunity to advertise their brand on your truck. You can also make some extra money this way with little to no effort on your part.

Easy Handling:

Box trucks are probably the easiest to handle in all commercial trucks. Compared to a massive semi or other trailers, it can quickly move around narrow city streets and congested traffic. Drivers are more comfortable driving a box truck in heavy traffic than a large semi-truck.

Cons Of Buying A Box Truck:

  • Box trucks typically handle small shipments, so small businesses can only use it. More extensive operations require larger trailers or semi-trucks.
  • You’ll probably need to work more to earn a decent income because you’ll be able to haul a small amount of cargo at any time.
  • If you rent out your box truck, you’ll need your renter to adhere to strict compliance standards so that your truck is maintained in good condition.

As you can see, there are pros and cons associated with a box truck. Keep these advantages and disadvantages in mind to help you make an informed decision when buying box trucks.

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