Women Truck Drivers: Pursuing The American Dream

women truck drivers

The American dream promises equality, equality in available opportunities, and equality in allowing any American to pursue their dreams. It is the fundamental belief that no matter who someone is or where they are from, they can achieve their highest aspirations and turn their greatest fantasies into reality.

In the world of trucking, that translates to women also being able to pursue this profession. Truck driving is conventionally considered a profession for men, and there is no denying that this industry is dominated by males, who make up about 83% of the industry.

However, there has been a recent surge in the number of women pursuing this profession.

What Has Led To The Rise In The Number Of Women Truck Drivers? 

Since the pandemic, there has been a big rise in the sales of the E-commerce industry. Because the e-commerce sector is flourishing, naturally, the logistics sector will also follow suit. The demand for the transportation of various goods is at an all-time high, now more than ever. This has opened more job opportunities in trucking, which women have bravely pursued, whether it is because they are passionate about it or in need of jobs due to the rise in the unemployment rate during the pandemic.

Since the pay in truck driving is higher than average service jobs and saw a 5% increase last year (and now has an average of 27.50$ per hour), many women were attracted to this golden opportunity and stood up to take the job.

As of now, there are more than 245,000 women in the field, which is the most it has ever been. 

How Much Do Women Truck Drivers Make?

Since the trucking industry pays its drivers by the mile or the load that is carried by them, the women in this industry make just as much as their male peers and do not face discrimination in terms of payment at least. The average truck driver’s salary ranges from 30,000$ to 40,000$ annually. This is a great example of the equality that is assured in the American dream since regardless of the difference in gender, everyone earns the same, with the only variation being due to working under different companies.

What Do Female Truckers Have To Say About Their Job

When asked whether they would recommend their job to others, many women were highly encouraging and stated that trucking is not only good for the financial stability that it brings in your life but also because of the peace of mind that comes with it. The reasons women are pursuing trucking don’t vary a lot from men either. Many are really passionate about their jobs, and being able to earn as much as six figures while doing something you love and are good at, is everyone’s lifelong dream. It is the ideal situation to be in, which is precisely what these women also believe.

Women Truck Drivers: A Prime Example Of The Pursuit Of The American Dream

Entering an industry that is dominated by the opposite gender and facing sexism almost every day is no easy task. It takes a lot of courage and bravery to put yourself out there in a world where you can easily be rejected and still strive to work. These women are not only defying the odds but also inspiring many others and showing them how to pursue their own versions of the American dream and not letting anyone come between them and getting their goals. They are an active example of the equal opportunity promised to everyone in the American dream regardless of their race, gender, or ethnicity.


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