5 Safety Tips For Trucking In Bad Weather

Trucking In Bad Weather

Bad weather runs throughout the year, but severe weather conditions usually occur during winter. Heavy rain, fog and snow can affect the truckers. Here are some safety tips for truck drivers that will help you protect yourself and others on the road while trucking in bad weather.

Tips To Stay Safe while trucking in Bad Weather:

Let’s look at some valuable tips for truck drivers.

Be Aware Of The Weather:

Check the weather before you head out. You should also be aware of possible difficulties on your route so you can prepare in advance.

Your Truckload Matters:

Be mindful of the load you’re carrying during windy or in-climate weather. Lighter trucks face a more challenging time on a windy road than a fully loaded truck. You also need to check your doors and see if they are locked. Secure them to stay safe on the road. High winds can fling open doors causing damage to your goods.

Drive With Both Hands On The Wheel:

Keep your hands on the wheel. Also, keep your eyes on the road as well. You want to pay close attention to the way your truck is moving. Stay alert of all the conditions on the road. A minor distraction can be hazardous in bad weather.

Driving with both hands on the wheel provides you added control. As strong winds blow, they can push your truck in one direction. Always keep your speed low and switch on your hazard lights.  

Don’t Be Afraid To Wait It Out:

Heavy rains can make the road slippery and reduce visibility. A wave of heavy rain can be pretty distracting for drivers and passengers in the truck. Prolonged rounds of rain can be tiring. Still, it is better to wait until heavier rains pass.

You need to slow down even if you are driving. Turn on the headlights especially during the day. With your wipers and lights functioning, you will have improved visibility.

Put On Your Flashers:

Rain can reduce visibility, but fog takes this issue to the next level. Fog is challenging to forecast and navigate through on the road. Your first strategy when encountering fog should be to wait it out. It is better to wait some time as compared to waiting a long time when you’ve been in an accident.

If you can’t see more than three feet in front of you, it is a safety hazard. Always slow down in this condition. Turn on your flashers. Even if other truckers can’t make out the shape of your truck, they can see your flashers. If other drivers know that you are driving near, it will help them get a sense of direction. You don’t want to surprise others during foggy conditions.

Even if you are stopping, keep your lights on at the side of the road. This will help other truckers from hitting you. 


Q1- How much longer may it take a truck to stop in bad weather conditions?

It will help if you increase your stopping distance in bad weather conditions. A good strategy is to have 7 seconds following distance during normal conditions. During bad situations, you need 40% more time than cars. A fully loaded truck will need 370 feet of space to stop at 60mph completely. 

Q2- What do truckers do in bad weather?

Truckers should stay inside their truck during bad weather conditions. Whether it’s snow, winds, rain or fog, you should pull down on the side of the road.  


If you follow the tips mentioned above during trucking in bad weather, you can significantly reduce your chances of getting in a bad accident.

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