7 Trip Planning Tips For Truckers In 2022

7 Trip Planning Tips For Truckers In 2022

Planning Tips For Truckers- Long-haul trips are strenuous and unpredictable. So, a trucker trip planner should take into account multiple considerations. The logistics of a long journey can be confusing and complicate the trip for the trucker.

So, we need to address the question, “what can companies do to support their truckers?” The answer is through proper trip planning; you can eliminate many of these problems.

Trip Planning Trips for Truckers:

We’ve put together seven trip planning tips for truckers to make their journeys as stress-free as possible.

Look At The Total Distance:

The total distance of the trip is not just the number of miles you have to travel. The driver has to plan various things according to the distance he has to travel.

These factors include:

  • Rest breaks,
  • Meals
  • Gas top-ups
  • Border crossings
  • Road closures
  • Sleeping, etc.

A trucker should look at the entire trip route before setting out on the journey. It helps if you’re informed about the conditions you will be facing on the road. Truck drivers can also plan detours if they anticipate horrible weather conditions, traffic, or construction ahead.

Set A Daily Quota For Stops:

Rest stops are unavoidable on the road as drivers need to eat, use the washroom, and clean up. You can’t plan for every emergency, but you can limit the number of stops you make.

After considering the total distance, you can plan how many rests stops you need to make every day. This helps you stay on track, so you don’t waste time.  

Locate All Essential Services:

Before leaving, a trucker should also locate all essential services for his truck. This is another important check for the driver. To miss a single service can cost your trip planner. The most critical services for the truck are a mechanics and repair shop.

If your truck runs into any issues on the road, they will know exactly who to contact and where to go to get the problem fixed. So, the trip planner must account for this.

A good trip planner will also identify bus stops, meal breaks, hospitals, and the cheapest gas stations.

Plan Around Grocery Shopping:

This is a crucial but straightforward tip for truck drivers. It is good that you plan your stops around grocery shopping. Buying groceries will help you save money on costly fast food and restaurants when hungry.

Sometimes, you’ll find a good restaurant with decent meals and price points, but this will always be the case. These elements are included in trip planner apps that can help drivers.

Allow For Extra Time:

Unexpected delays are inevitable, and a trucker must plan around them. When you calculate your total trip travel, you should add in a bit of extra time. This will help you avoid any stress of getting your shipment on time if an unforeseen event happens. This spare time also enables you to prepare a plan for how you need to proceed.

Avoid Dangerous Places:

When planning your trips, you should always choose safer routes. To know which courses are peaceful and secure, you will have to research. Always plan your overnights in a safe region.   

Knowing where to park and stay for the night will help you save time and avoid dangerous events.

Keep Extra Supplies On Hand:

Every trucker trip planner already knows where the good shops and services are, but you should still be prepared in advance—stock up on a few essentials like non-perishable foods, clothing, toiletries, etc.

These essentials will come in handy when you are driving through remote areas.


Q- Why use truck trip planning apps?

It would help if you utilize all your tools as a trucker. A truck planning app is essential for truck drivers and trip planners. Although GPS and maps are helpful on the road, you don’t have to do it all independently. These apps help you plan everything from your last mile to meal times.

Q-Reasons Why Proper Planning is Required for Truck Routes?

There are several reasons for proper planning for truckers. 

  • Comfort and peaceful journey for the driver
  • Reduced stress and better sleep
  • Save time and money
  • A more efficient trip and a good reputation among the competition
  • It leads to a more profitable business. 


Truck trip planning is a valuable asset for companies. It helps you streamline your trips, minimize driver burnout, and improve your bottom line.

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