All You Need To Know About The Future Of Freight Hauling

freight hauling

Humanity is taking massive leaps towards a more digitized world in the modern machine age era. The need for physical human labor dives down as a rise in automation is observed. These machines are now slowly replacing people, getting the work done faster, more efficiently, more cost-effectively, and more accurately.

It’s no surprise that the freight hauling industry is also a part of this rapidly progressing world and has become a target of significant mechanical advancement. Just like any other industry, Freight hauling is also expected to see drastic changes in the following years as a major shift takes place from manual labor to machine-operated work.

New Methods Of Freight Hauling

This involves more advanced methods of freight hauling that are either under development right now or newly introduced into the market with great potential to be used on large scales. Some of these methods include

Autonomous Ships

To reduce the chances of you having to deal with the damage caused by human errors in the water channels, ideas of using autonomous ships to transport freight have been brought to the table. This might also help to improve delivery time.

Transporting Through Driverless Cars And Trucks

A plausible solution to the relevant problem of driver shortage in the US would be to use driverless cars and trucks. When the need for a human driver is eliminated, the driver shortage rates will automatically go down. However, the downside of this is that it may put many drivers out of a job. Moreover, since driverless cars and trucks are still a relatively new concept, many might have reservations about how much they can trust a driverless truck or car to get to the destination. Despite these issues, this method is still a potentially useful method of freight hauling that might be quite popular in the future.

Delivery through Delivery Drones

Another concept that is still currently being developed and might become a widespread method of freight hauling in the future is delivery through delivery drones. These aircraft systems could carry low-weight parcels (up to 55lbs) and transport them to their required location in no time.


Q. Is the trucking industry growing?

  • Yes, the trucking industry will jump from 111 billion to a sudden 125 billion between the years 2020 to 2021 and is expected to be worth 170 billion before 2025.

Q. What are the new trends in logistics?

  • Omnichannel shipping, integrated 3PL services, re- optimized service liners, embedded integration technology, etc., are just some examples of techniques, tools, and strategies that are predicted to be more popular and commonly used in the future.


Significant changes are to be observed and seen in the coming future for the freight hauling industry, which will challenge the need for human labor when there are machines ready to do the work for them. However, these changes will radicalize how we view the world around us and how freight is usually transported from one place to another. These methods will make this transportation much more efficient, cost-effective, and faster.

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