How To Implement Sustainable Shipping Practices In 2022?

Sustainable Shipping

Retail businesses can have many green practices in their warehouses and stores, but they don’t matter much as their shipping processes. Irrespective of the way you ship, the shipping method can significantly impact the environment. Sustainable shipping is a possibility that shipping companies can adopt.

Implementation Of Sustainable Shipping Strategies:

This blog discusses a few strategies and implements them in your shipping business. Sticking to these practices will make your business more eco-friendly and attract a more eco-conscious consumer market.

Use Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials:

A great way to ensure greener shipping is by using eco-friendly packaging. You can package your products in better packaging to help with the carbon footprint. You can switch from plastics to more sustainable packing materials by making informed swaps in your material choices. You can achieve the same function from the alternative but with reduced environmental damage.

Choose recyclable and compostable materials. These include inflated BUBL bags that can be reused and deflated. Also, if you use sustainable packaging, you can promote your image as an ethical brand. This is a great PR strategy while doing your part for the environment.

Reduce Return Quantities:

As eCommerce businesses and delivery services are becoming aware of the environmental impact of shipping, they are trying to address the problem. An effective way for companies to do this is by reducing their carbon footprint by controlling the likelihood of returns. There is nothing more damaging than shipping something across the globe and then having it returned.

To implement this strategy, you should evaluate your current return rate and filter out the primary reasons for returning orders. Also, you can revise your return policy. If a product needs to be replaced, your business can send out a replacement without returning the original item. This will subsequently reduce the pollution levels.

Size Matters:

Size matters when you’re shipping anything; unnecessary product packaging can damage the environment. So, your packaging needs to be concise, practical and efficient.

Over usage of the packing material is also not good for the environment. Whether you’re using excessive packaging for protection or filling voids, it is a waste of valuable resources. Additionally, if these materials are not eco-friendly, it will be even more taxing for the environment.

If the packaging size is oversized, it also takes more space. This means that lesser products will be shipped at one time.  


Q1- What is the most sustainable form of packaging during shipping?

Corrugated cardboard and paper-based packaging are the best packaging materials. These materials are regarded as the most environmentally friendly and sustainable form of packaging. 

Q2- What is the most sustainable form of shipping?

Overseas shipping is the most effective form of cargo transportation. This is also the most common form of shipping for larger routes. And though it’s efficient, there are still several environmental issues that come with it. There are benefits of liner shipping that outrank other methods of transport.


Sustainable shipping practices are a great way to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. We hope the strategies mentioned above in this article will help businesses implement them to make their shipping more sustainable.

Making your shipping process more eco-friendly doesn’t have to entail drastic changes. Even making small changes can make your shipping process much more sustainable.

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