How to Secure Your Fleet Trucks Against Theft?

How to Secure Your Fleet Trucks Against Theft?

The trucks owned professionally by business companies to cater to their daily needs are fleet trucks. There are several types of trucks, including Box Trucks, Refrigerators trucks, Dumps Trucks, Tank Trucks, and Semi-Trailer Trucks. Each of these trucks deals with its portfolio efficiently. For example, for temperature control products, you use refrigerator trucks.

How to Prevent Fleet Trucks Theft?

Fleet Trucks theft is getting popular day by day as thieves become more clever, but the only solution that can deal with this problem is to be vigilant yourself. The company should appoint a good security team to make strategies for prevention. However, a company should install proper CCTV cameras, audible alarms and introduce efficient lock systems to ensure the safety of their vehicles. 

1. Park in Well Lit Areas to Avoid Theft

One of the most brilliant ideas is to park your fleet trucks in areas with sufficient light and proper CCTV cameras so that in case of theft, you can identify the culprit quickly. Moreover, since there is excessive light, a criminal would refrain from executing his mission due to psychological effects.

2. Put Efficient Lock System in Fleet Trucks 

You are indeed solely responsible for what happens to your property. Hence you should be very efficient in this regard. Moreover, you should install an efficient lock system in your vehicle to prevent any fleet truck theft event. Efficient locks are the best way of avoiding any damage to your fleet trucks.

3. Fit Tracking System in Fleet Trucks

A tracking system was introduced in vehicles a long time ago; hence availing of this opportunity is a wise decision to save your fleet trucks. Fleet trucks are a heavy investment, and letting them go over minor carelessness could cause significant harm to the industry, significantly if the industry is growing. 

4. Install Audible Alarm in Fleet Trucks 

Fleet Truck can have audible alarm systems to prevent any damage. Furthermore, the alarms make noise instantly and efficiently, which means that the company would immediately locate the fleet truck thieves. 

5. Install Shatter-Resistant Window Film and Safety Glass

Another way of protecting yourself from a nasty incident is installing shatter-resistant windows and safety glass in your truck. This facility would help you secure your vehicle, and since the thief would have no way to access the inside of the car, they would not be able to steal it. 


Q: How do you theft-proof a truck?

You can do it by becoming more vigilant and avoiding the leakage of secret information regarding your routes. Moreover, set alarms and lock systems to ensure safety.

Q: How can you prevent cargo theft?

It can be prevented by installing efficient lock systems and parking your cargo in secure places. 


As we move forward, we can see how important it is to ensure your fleet trucks’ safety as they are expensive and play a vital role in the supply chain process. Several suggestions, including installing a tracking system, are explained above. However, to help you, we suggest you contact Gillson Trucking and avail of their efficient trucks before they run out of stock!

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