Transportation Issues: Serious Concerns In Trucking Industry

Transportation Issues

The main job of the trucking industry is to transport goods safely on time but problems occur when internal and external factors start causing hindrances in the smooth delivery of these goods. Lately, there has been a rising trend of recurring problems that have led to transportation issues in the trucking industry. 

Let’s dig in deep and take a look at what some of these are.

  • Driver Shortage, Retention, and Compensation

One of the undeniable problems in the trucking industry right now is the shortage of drivers ready for the job. This is the top concern causing significant loss in the industry right now and is not looking to go away anytime soon. Driver compensation and retention are other problems working hand in hand with driver shortage to make the problem more prominent in the field.

  • Truck Parking

Lack of appropriate and safe truck parking sots is also another leading problem causing delays in the transportation of goods on time. Lack of rest stops means it is harder for the drivers to get proper rest. This paves the way for poor fatigue management for drivers and can be detrimental to their health.

  • Insurance Cost/ Availability

Having proper insurance on their vehicles is usually a top priority of all trucking companies, big or small, interstate or intrastate. No one wants to risk an accident knowing the extent of losses they might face. Keeping this in mind, the scarcity of the availability of affordable insurance plans is a big issue in the trucking industry as of now. The rising costs of insurance are responsible for putting many trucking companies out of business.

  • Compliance, Safety, And Accountability (CSA)

The inability of most trucks to be consistent and accurate with their data quality is one more concern that’s contributing to problems in the trucking industry and preventing the transportation industry from prevailing. Not keeping up with recent legislative developments can prove to be a big obstacle in the path of transportation companies as their reputation and business become at risk.


Q. How many truck drivers does the US need now?

  1. To maintain a healthy amount of transportation of goods, the US needs an estimate of at least 80,000. However, there is currently a massive shortage of drivers in the industry, due to which the number of available drivers is far lower than the required amount.

Q. Why do trucking businesses fail?

  1. Due to the problems mentioned above in the transportation industry, the cash flow of many businesses ends up being insufficient to keep up with the requirements of their business (operational costs, invoices, etc.), rendering them unable to continue. This is how many trucking businesses fail to go on with their business.


The trucking industry is facing serious issues that have wide-ranging effects and are closing down many businesses due to their inability to keep up with the unpredictable and difficult-to-meet demands of the industry. These transportation issues cannot be changed unless major developments are made in the industry.
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